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Mid 20th Century "The Apple of Alirio" Numbered Serigraph by Alirio Palaxios, Framed

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Alirio Palacios was one of the most versatile Venezuelan painters, draftsmen and engravers of the second half of the 20th century. He was part of the new figuration of the 60s in Venezuela, and the drawing boom of the 70s.

An original hand numbered (491/500) silkscreen print from the Artis Alirio Palaxios called "The Apple of Alirio". This artwork was given to a man who worked at the McDonald's company for many years. It was given to him from the Leo Burnett Group as a gift. Professionally framed and matted. There is a note on the back which translates...

The Apple of Alirio original silkscreen by Alirio Palaxios
10 ink printing
Printer: Simon Guerrero
Editor: Leo Burnett Venezuela CA
Date of realization- October 1978

Alirio, a painter, and engraver of exceptional quality, is an exponent of the mature talent of Venezuelan art. His serigraph, which we are honored to give you this Christmas, is a sincere testimony of our appreciation and friendship.

Measures 25.5 inches wide by 1 inch thick by 33.5 inches tall.