About Us


It all began many, many moons ago when my mother use to physically drag me to estate sales. Her and my Aunt had an Estate Sale company, and us kids would just be left to roam among some strangers things.

Although, as a six year old, you can’t actually appreciate the 1940’s mink stole you're trying on, or the designer wedding dress being left in the closet. However, it did spark my love for all things fashion and design. As I got older, it just seemed normal to me to be digging through dead peoples things in the basement/attic of their outdated, but potentially amazing homes. It wasn’t until later I realized that other children’s shopping adventures didn’t look the same. And in fact, I had actually developed a skill over the years. The skill of finding treasure among trash.

And that is how, Pretty Patti (my mom) and I began Salvage Made Design. It’s years of treasure hunting, rehab projects, and just all around DIY trial and error. From knocking down walls, painting rooms, to turning aged furniture into modern beauties. We do it all!

Combining all that with our love for sustainability, it only seems right to help save those unique vintage pieces. Plus, it gives it a little something extra, don’t you think?